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Which road do you think Georgia should take: a pro-Western or pro-Russian one?

Monday, September 7
“Georgia should undertake pro-Western development. If we follow the Russian way our country will be underdeveloped and unstable.”
Nino, student, 21

“I think we have already chosen our way. Georgia is developing step by step and this is really very evident. As far as I know our northern neighbour has serious economic and structural problems and it would be better for its rulers to resolve these problems and not interfere in our internal affairs.”
Levan, doctor, 51

“We have a pro-Western orientation. In my opinion it is impossible for us to have a pro-Russian one, as their Government has a hostile attitude towards us and is trying to divide our territory. On the other hand, it has no modern technologies and is quite underdeveloped.”
Natia, unemployed, 28

“I think that our country should find its own way of development. Russia has always been our enemy. As for the West and the United States, I thinkthey can help us, but we don’t need the same model of development they have in their countries.”
Gia, pensioner, 56

“I don’t think anyone in Georgia wants our country to go in a pro-Russian direction, especially after all the things that happened in August, 2008. I would like to see Georgia as a European country, not a province of Russia.”
Keti, journalist, 24

“I think Georgia should follow an exclusively pro-Western policy. But at the same time it is very important to establish normal relations with Russia. This is not so easy, but it is crucial. Our Government should achieve some kind of normalisation of relations with our northern neighbour.”
Asmati, teacher, 42

“This sounds like a rhetorical question. Georgia has no option: it should go only in the Western direction if it wants to survive as a nation. We should be striving for this.”
Nana, interpreter, 35

“Definitely Georgia should continue its pro-Western orientation otherwise we will go back to the Soviet past.”
Nino, student, 20