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Do you think the Government’s “report to the people” is a genuine attempt to establishing mutual cooperation between the Government and the public or just a PR stunt?

Tuesday, September 8
“Personally I did not see this exhibition; I was not in the city. What I saw on TV was good. It is always a good step from officials to come out into the streets and have direct contact with locals. It is always interesting to listen to them in person rather than on TV. It will be good if they continue to hold this exhibition in other cities in Georgia.”
Vakhtang, bank employee, 32

“It was a circus. It was something similar to a kindergarten show. I was ashamed to see the Ministers in the streets trying to look as happy as possible.”
Kato, interpreter, 26

“It is good if the Government is trying to get closer to the people, however I can’t say whether this is a genuine move or just PR. I would like to believe that the Government is really trying to identify the problems and concerns of ordinary people.”
Aza, housewife, 44

“I was at the exhibition on Rustaveli Avenue and admit that it was very interesting and impressive. I received much information, and the most interesting thing for me was the exhibition of the Interior Ministry.”
Giorgi, student, 19

“I think it is another PR stunt and nothing more. It is very clear that the Georgian people live in quite hard economic conditions and real and effective measures should be taken by the Government to overcome this crisis.”
Lela, unemployed, 37

“In my opinion, the Government is trying to improve the strained relationships within the country. During last August’s events they saw perfectly that the ordinary citizens’ support is most important. I don’t think this is a PR stunt.”
Natia, dentist, 45

“It was just a PR action, and very badly staged, in my opinion. We are not so stupid as to not understand what lies behind these public exhibitions and shows.”
Levan, economist, 30

“Well, certainly such actions are for PR but I don’t see anything wrong in the PR they conducted last weekend. The exhibition was quite interesting and a lot of people were there. It was an innovation here in Georgia and I think it should become tradition that every year once or twice the Government should hold such exhibitions.”
Irakli, musician, 28

“To tell the truth, I don’t believe our Government has noble aims. This is a PR stunt of course. They are trying to cheat the poor people once again.”
Lia, student, 19