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Poultry breeding a growing concern

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 10
According to the figures of July 1, 2008 Georgia had 10,681,000 chickens. In January there were only 6,714,000. The poultry breeding industry has been growing for several years and has overcome serious setbacks.

In 1995 Georgia produced 10,000 tonnes of chicken meat, in 2002 and 2003 around 13,000 tonnes. In 2004 it produced 15,000 tonnes, in 2005 almost 20,000. After the chicken flu crisis of 2006 this industry faced difficulties but it has now started to revive again.

There are over 20 large and medium-sized chicken breeding enterprises in Georgia and more than 1,500 small ones. More than 10,000 people are employed in and around this industry. About 50% of Georgia’s chicken meat and 80% of eggs are locally produced.