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Do you think the Stalin Monument should be removed from the centre of Gori to some other place, destroyed or left as it is?

Thursday, September 10
“I think it should be where it is now. Stalin was born in Gori, so where would this monument be moved to? It is true, he did not do anything positive for our country, but he was Georgian and the man who changed world history.”
Nino, musician, 34

“Definitely it should be removed because there is no place for him in the centre of Gori after the August war. I don’t know if they want to destroy it or move it to a museum.”
Temuri, musician, 23

“I don’t know why our politicians or anyone else is discussing this issue. This monument has been standing there for years, so why should it be destroyed or moved somewhere? If we have a negative attitude towards Stalin and are going to annihilate his monument, it means that we must destroy his museum as well, which is not civilized behaviour.”
Gia, student, 22

“I think Stalin’s monument should be destroyed. What did he do for our country? It is only his fault that we have to fight for Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia. He was the greatest enemy of Georgia.”
Dato, footballer, 25

“In my opinion this will be like ignoring the fact that he was Georgian. Let the monument stay there. I think it is attractive for foreign tourists, so we can make money from our Stalin.”
Giga, student, 20

“I think Stalin did so many bad things to Georgia that he doesn’t deserve to have a monument, even in his home town.”
Tea, shop assistant, 35

“In my opinion the monument to Stalin stands exactly where it should be, so I don’t think the idea of replacing it is good.”
Shalva, student, 18

“It is totally irrelevant and absolutely irritating to see Stalin’s monument in the centre of Gori. Stalin is not a state hero, on the contrary, he did a lot of harm to Georgia and its best sons. I think his statue should be removed.”
Maia, teacher, 48

“I don’t see any reason why Stalin’s monument should remain in Gori. Well, the museum is fine, because it is part of history, but having a monument there means respecting this person, and I don’t thing there is any reason to respect him in Georgia.”
Sandro, student, 23