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Tuesday, September 15
Heavy rain floods Batumi

The town of Batumi in the Adjara region has flooded due to heavy rain. After 40 minutes of ceaseless rain half a metre of water was running through the streets of several districts. The yards of several blocks were flooded.

Due to the bad weather five electricity substations were wrecked and 25,000 homes blacked out. Special machinery was used to pump out the rainwater. However the power supply has now been restored.
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Remains of Nodar Dumbadze reburied in Mtatsminda

The remains of famous Georgian writer and public figure Nodar Dumbadze have been reburied in the Mtatsminda Pantheon in front of the tomb of Ilia Chavchavadze, near Vasil Barnov's grave. Catholic-Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II consecrated the grave and served the memorial service prior to the burial.

The Patriarch said after the memorial service, which many of Dumbadze’s friends attended: “We should understand that Nodar is alive. Today his remains have been interred in sacred ground. I recollect conversations with Nodar and my last meeting with him, when he asked people to leave the room so he could make his last confession.” He added that Nodar Dumbadze had sacrificed himself for the nation.

Dumbadze’s remains have been removed from the Mziuri Children's Town to the Mtatsminda Pantheon on the initiative of Ilia II with the consent of his family. Nodar Dumbadze died on September 14th, 1984.

Moscow premiere of documentary about August war held

After its Saint Petersburg showing, the Moscow premiere of Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya’s documentary The Russian Lessons has been held in the Sakharov Centre. The film is about the August 2008 Russian-Georgian war. The directors say its main purpose is to show the Russian people the truth about this conflict.

The Russian Lessons has provoked a big response in Moscow. It has even been called pro-Georgian. It starts as a chronicle of a journey by the two directors, Olga and Andrei, on opposite sides of the frontline and with its unconventional, highly personalised style firmly establishes emotional contact with the audience by depicting human drama before drawing political conclusions.

Overwhelming evidence of a Russian imperialist plot emerges clearly through the veneer of political altercations and the mistakes and naivety of the Georgians. Importantly the film places the war within the context of post-Soviet history, which has managed to keep its darkest secrets from the international public’s attention despite dozens of relevant UN resolutions.

Andrei Nekrasov said that the international enquiry mission into the causes of the Russia-Georgia conflict has shown an interest in the film. Heidi Tagliavini’s Commission may include clips from the film in its report, as The Russian Lessons depicts facts which occurred in August 2008.
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Son-in-law of Shakro Kalashov detained in Moscow

Law enforcers in the Dmitrov area of Moscow have detained Georgian citizen Revaz Kahmazov for possessing 6 grammes of heroin. Kahmazov, known by the nickname ‘Rezo Lotkineli’, is the son-in-law of known crime boss Shakro Kalashov, being married to Kalashov’s stepdaughter, and due to his connection with Kalashov wields serious influence in the Russian capital.

According to reports Kahmazov married at the age of 20 and a year later had already been given the title of ‘thief-in-law’. He allegedly runs the gaming and drug businesses in the Dmitrov and Mytishchinski suburbs of Moscow.

Nikoloz Natbiladze to be Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of Spain

The new Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of Spain will be Nikoloz Natbiladze. The President presented this nomination to Parliament yesterday.

Since 2007 Natbiladze has been the Georgian Ambassador to Azerbaijan and was previously the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He will replace Zurab Pololikashvili, appointed several weeks ago as Minister of Economic Development. Parliament will approve the President’s nomination at its next session.