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Compiled by Tekle Murvanidze
Tuesday, September 15
We are talking to the opposition, but won’t say who with or what about

In an interview with Kviris Palitra Speaker of Parliament Davit Bakradze says that consultations with the opposition are underway but does not define exactly who he is talking to.

“Consultations are being held with the opposition, but we cannot yet state with whom we are speaking and about what. If the non-Parliamentary opposition want to play an active part in the country’s political life they can do so: it is a pity that last year’s boycott of Parliament cut them off from real political life and left them with only one way - demonstrations. We are giving them a new opportunity to return to normal political life, as the epicentre of political struggle is Parliament, not the street.

“How the non-Parliamentary opposition respond to our suggestion will be a test of how ready they are to take responsibility and conduct normal politics. As Speaker of Parliament I shouldn’t be very interested in seeing them return because their presence will make sessions much more difficult to lead, but politically I am really interested in the opposition returning to Parliament.

“There should always be opposition between political forces. The main thing is that opposition members should not frighten off investors and delay the development of the economy,” Bakradze stated.

Baghaturia suggests that returning Deputies can create a new minority

Kviris Palitra reports that opposition MP Jondi Bagaturia has suggested that those MPs who refused to take their seats could create a new minority group. He said that if twelve of the opposition members elected last May accept this and return to Parliament the opposition will be able to create a new minority and influence affairs.

Under a change to the Constitution those elected representatives of the opposition who refused their mandate have until 1 July of 2010 to express any wish to return to Parliament and their mandates will be restored if they do so. Baghaturia objects to the time limit given however, saying that those concerned should have the lifetime of the Parliament they were elected to in which to decide whether to take their seats.

Will Subari and Gachechiladze join Alasania’s group?

Rezonansi reports that the term of Public Defender Sozar Subari expires in two days and there is a public expectation that he will enter party politics. He has however categorically excluded joining any political party, and although he may collaborate with some parties and consultations are being held about this he has not decided anything yet.

It is widely believed that Subari will attach himself to Irakli Alasania’s Alliance for Georgia because of this alliance is the most stable. It is also of great interest whether Levan Gachechiladze will also join this Alliance as he has no actual party at present but has founded a civic movement.

“After 16 September Subari will no longer be Public Defender and nothing is excluded. We have had a close relationship with him until now and will also in future. Our door is open for him and if he joins another political force it will still be possible to have some sort of relations with him,” states one of the leaders of the Alliance for Georgia, Zurab Abashidze.