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What do you think about people emigrating from Georgia?

Tuesday, September 15
“More than 50% of Georgia’s youth want to leave the country for various reasons. I think this tendency is both very progressive and fatal for Georgia, and the Georgian Government should work to overcome it, not by means of a restricted visa policy but by bringing economic prosperity and democratic development.”
Levan, economist, 29

“This is a tragedy. My close friend had to leave her family and 7-year-old son to go and work abroad. The boy is so poor now. They both miss each other but my friend can do nothing. If our country was stronger economically and there were places for everyone to work in such things wouldn’t happen.”
Nino, biologist, 40

“A lot of my acquaintances have left Georgia because of unemployment. My cousin and his family have been living in Russia for 16 years. Their children are already Russians, not Georgians.”
Nana, housewife, 47

“I think our Government should care more about the migration of Georgians to different countries. There are too few Georgians to waste any.”
Tsiala, pensioner, 75

“It is a really regrettable reality of our country and nothing is being done about it, unfortunately. A lot of talented Georgians are working in other countries when we so much need their knowledge and talent.”
Nazi, housewife, 45

“I am against this. We are a small nation and have no people to lose. Besides, many examples show us that living in another country is very difficult and many Georgians cannot adapt to it. They are in worse situations abroad than they are in their native country.”
Meri, student, 24

“This is good tendency, in accordance with the ongoing worldwide process of globalisation. Of course Georgian young people should go abroad and study there, and if they consider they can live better there why will they not?”
Manana, archaeologist, 40

“I dislike this tendency of many Georgians trying to leave Georgia. In my opinion the Government should be more actively involved in combating this tendency. People seek better lives abroad, more money and less trouble, and this is natural but very alarming.”
Nina, doctor, 49

“There are no jobs, no opportunities in Georgia for smart and intelligent people. So they go abroad, mainly to maintain families left behind in Georgia. It is the tragedy of the Georgian nation.”
Irina, teacher, 50