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Georgia expects good harvest of citrus fruit

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 16
Georgian state officials say that the citrus harvest in the country will be more than 100,000 tonnes. It will therefore be much higher than in 2008 and almost as big as in 2007. In that year 80,000 tonnes of citrus fruit were harvested in Adjara alone, mostly tangerines, also oranges and lemons.

The 2009 harvest will be received by the citrus processing factory in Adjara and the Kobuleti preserved fruit factory which will introduce tangerine concentrates. By the time the fruit is gathered another company in Kobuleti-Georgian Products, will also be processing tangerines.

Georgia will export its fruit to Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as Turkey. In 2007 around 33,000 tonnes was exported to Ukraine, 19,000 to Azerbaijan, 8,000 to Armenia 175 to Uzbekistan and 74 to Moldova.