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Do you think protest rallies will start again in autumn?

Wednesday, September 16
“I do not think so, and if they do start they will be pointless. Once and for all the opposition should understand that it must make much more effective moves and decisions than launching an protest rally.”
Diana, teacher, 30

“As a citizen I’m already tired of all these. Nothing will happen in autumn and if does this will be the final defeat of the opposition leaders.”
Giga, economist, 27

“No I don’t think they will. Last time they failed to fulfill their plans. I think it needs time to restore the spirit of protest in society.”
Nata, artist, 45

“It doesn’t sound serious. The opposition needs to regain its strength because the April rallies didn’t bring the desired result. As a citizen I wouldn’t join them if they renewed the rallies in autumn.”
Tea, student, 20

“I don't think street rallies will start in autumn, as people are really very tired of these demonstrations, and many citizens don't believe in our opposition parties.”
Vakhtang, bank employee, 28

“I don’t know whether they will start or not, but I know they should not. I don’t see any point in standing in the street for months for nothing. It is just crazy.”
>o?Giga, student, 23

“I don’t think they will start in autumn. The opposition have shown themselves to be very weak and disorganised. They have lost people’s support due to their indecisive actions.”
Natela, housewife, 39

“The opposition promised new rallies in autumn, I think they should keep their word if they want to maintain the support of the people.”
Lela, accountant, 50