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Employment issues

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 17
From an employment point of view Georgia can be divided into three parts: the capital Tbilisi, big cities and small towns and villages. Each of these has its particular problems, states researcher Nodar Kapanadze.

Tbilisi is characterised with a high level of unemployment but it still very attractive because only there can a person receive a sufficient salary, Kapanadze has told Business Rezonansi. In big cities there are fewer opportunities and smaller salaries, but the inhabitants of such places are rather slow to leave their homes to seek more. In small towns and villages the only employment is self-employment, producing food, cattle breeding, keeping chicken and so on. There is high unemployment in these areas and no possibility for anyone to get a serious salary. People in these areas cannot afford to give full education to their children or take care of their health, rest and so on. There is a lack of financial resources, little cash is available and infrastructure is practically non-existent. Therefore village and small town residents migrate into the bigger cities and the capital.