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What do you think about the resignation of Nodar Akhalkatsi as President of the Georgian Football Federation?

Friday, September 18
“It is obvious that the real reason for this was not, as he said, our national team’s continual failure, and he did not tell the truth when he said that he had resigned voluntarily. As the Government appointed him the same Government dismissed him. I am sure no one has a doubt about this. I did not welcome the officials’ decision to appoint him but I welcome their decision to dismiss him. Better late than never!”
Beka, sportsman, 24

“A lot of good things were done after Akhalkatsi was appointed as head of the football federation. However, there were still many problems he could not resolve. I think he is a very talent person and could do much more for Georgian football.”
Ucha, office manager, 36

“I am not a fan of football and frankly speaking it does not matter to me whether Akhalkatsi is the President of the GFF or not.”
Nani, dancer, 26

“It was a good decision and I think he should have resigned much earlier when he saw that he was not a good President and our national team plays the most terrible football ever.”
Nika, student, 20

“Despite the fact his father was a great football coach who gave the Georgian people a lot of minutes of fame, this guy was not for football and how he got into the Federation I cannot understand. But he had supporters in the authorities and that’s why he kept this post for such a long time, otherwise he would have been dismissed long ago.”
Keti, hairdresser, 31

“I am so pleased that he finally took this decision. He should have done this earlier, due to the unenviable current situation in Georgian football.”
Paata, student, 19

“I don’t think all the bad things in Georgian Football were his fault, but at least it is good that he felt some sense of responsibility for them.”
Nana, journalist, 26

“I think he was a bit late in resigning, he should have done it a year ago. But better late than never.”
Giorgi, student, 20

“It is good that he has resigned, now the issue is who will be appointed in his place. I hope it will be an honest person, who really thinks about developing Georgian football.”
Vazha, unemployed, 45