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Has the economic crisis influenced your life and do you think that the situation has already improved?

Monday, September 21
“Yeah, the economic situation has affected my family as we have a business, and I don't think the situation has improved, not very much.”
Sophie, student, 22

“Yes, the crisis has really influenced my life. I am a taxi driver and I cannot earn enough money for fuel in a day. My wife is unemployed so it is a very difficult time for our family. Unfortunately, I do not see any improvement yet.”
Giorgi, taxi driver, 52

“My family members have good jobs and our family has not been much influenced by the economic crisis. But there are a lot of people who are prejudiced.”
Nata, student, 20

“Of course the economic crisis has affected my family. My wife was relieved of her job because of a staff reduction. Our family income has decreased when our two daughters are students and we have to pay fees of 1,500 GEL a year for each one.”
Mamuka, engineer, 50

“Because of the economic crisis building has stopped and my husband, an architect, has lost his job. But I know a new wave of building is beginning so I hope the situation will improve.”
Eka, housewife, 35

“It has not influenced my family financially, but it definitely has influenced the conduct of my family. We are trying to spend less and cut down on clothing and other things, expecting that the crisis might touch us too. We are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.”
Tatia, student, 23

“I lost my job in summer, but fortunately I found a new one, although the salary is a bit less. Still I can’t complain. I don’t think the situation is improving so far. The crisis is still here.”
Beka, accountant, 25

“Everyone is talking about a crisis. However I have not felt it so far. I have the same job and same salary. I think the issue of crisis is a bit inflated by the media and politicians. The situation is not as bad in reality.”
Giorgi, distributor, 35