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Foreign investments have decreased. Why do you think that is?

Tuesday, September 22
“To tell the truth I am very surprised by foreign countries making any investments in Georgia today, as there is a very strained situation in the country and the danger of war restarting still exists, which is the main reason why foreign corporations do not generally invest money in an unstable region.”
Temo, physicist, 36

“It is because of the uncertain future of Georgia, both its political and economic instability and even more the threat of more war. If I have money, why should I invest it in Georgia when I can invest it in European countries which have stability and peace? This is the major reason for the lack of investment and unfortunately neither the authorities nor the opposition understand this properly.”
Ia, tour operator, 24

“I don’t know. Perhaps the interest in Georgia has gone. Saakashvili has nothing to boast about in that case.”
Tina, pensioner, 62

“It is known that the best period in Georgia from an economic point of view was 2007. This means that the economic downturn began as soon as the war between Russia and Georgia started. That gives me grounds to think that the major risk investors see in our country is of a repeat attack from Russia. As for political instability I do not think investors care much about this, because every year, and 4-5 times a year, there are large scale rallies in Tbilisi and if they were afraid of rallies no investors would stay here.”
Maia, teacher, 41

“In my opinion it is the job of experts to define this. They should study this issue carefully and then give advice to the Government.”
Tatuli, student, 20

“I think the USA and Western countries have already seen that the Georgian Government doesn’t properly use their funds and grants and that is why foreign investments are decreasing.”
Nika, writer, 51

“It is quite difficult to say. Perhaps the investors don’t see adequate results emerging or no longer believe in our Government.”
Nino, housewife, 34

“Well this might be caused by the world economic crisis. Large companies suffer due to the economic downturn and investing in such countries as Georgia is a little bit risky for them. I hope this will soon change.”
Giga, student, 19

“I think the reason is the general situation in the country and of course the world financial crisis. The combination of these two factors is the best explanation for the decreased foreign investment in Georgia.”
Nato, teacher, 44