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What do you think about Georgian-Turkish relations?

Wednesday, September 23
“I think we are good neighbours. Although our historical past includes many wars and territories lost because of this neighbour, we have good relations now.”
Rati, student, 21

“Turkey is our neighbour and economic partner. It’s good that such countries are near us in this region.”
Tsitsino, teacher, 62

“I don’t know what to say. Turkey is our strategic partner and our relations have been OK so far.”
Tika, economist, 23

“I think that we have a quite a nice relationship now, which is very important for the region’s stability and future development; we need each other and should respect each other’s wishes and attitudes.”
Guram, writer, 29

“I can say that Turkey is our partner and our relationship can be considered normal. We should maintain these relations, as this is significant for our economics and politics. Furthermore Turkey is developing, and we need a developed strategic partner.”
Tamar, musician, 41

“It is true that Turkey was once our enemy, but that was in the past. The present situation is totally different I think. We have a very good relationship, profitable for both sides.”
Levan, lawyer, 31

“Well if we don’t count the relations between our countries long ago then I think the current relations are normal. As far as I know Turkey is the number one trading partner of Georgia.”
Gia, bank employee, 25

“I have read some articles saying that if Russia recognises Northern Cyprus Turkey will recognise Georgia’s breakaway regions as independent. I don’t know if these rumours are true or not.”
Keti, lawyer, 30