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What chance do you think the Alasania-Subari tandem will have at the Mayoral elections next year?

Thursday, September 24
“I think they have a very serious chance, and I’m sure that in Tbilisi, where the Government does not have a high rating, the Alasania-Subari ticket will be successful. However it is very important that other opposition candidates who might have a high rating among Tbiliselebi do not stand.”
Nata, PR Manager, 27

“They have quite a big chance, but only if they do not have to stand against any candidates from other opposition parties.”
Levan, economist, 36

“I was really glad when I heard about their tandem. Alasania’s rating is growing significantly, and as for Subari, people like and appreciate him, he was a very worthy Public Defender. To my mind they have a serious chance of winning the Mayoral elections.”
Nino, teacher, 43

“Their tandem will be very successful I think. Each of them has a solid political career and at this moment Georgian society believes in them. They will be the most serious opponents for the Government.”
Giga, composer, 27

“It is quite difficult to say anything at this moment, as the political situation and the relationships between the different factions are very unstable in Georgia. But if the opposition manage to get together behind them, they will have a chance to win the Mayoral elections.”
Giorgi, historian, 55

“Well, both have quite good ratings, both have gained some level of public trust. I don’t know how popular they are in Tbilisi, but I think they have good chances anyway.”
Irma, teacher, 24

“Well it depends on how much money they spend on their campaign. If they can spend more than the National Movement, maybe they both have a chance.”
Anri, driver, 38

“I like both politicians. Sozar Subari always fought against injustice and in my opinion through joining Alasania’s group he will be successful in the elections.”
Sandro, economist, 32

“Well I don’t know. I think the Governing party has a strong candidate for these elections as well, but success for Alasania and Subari seems quite possible.”
Badri, geologist, 54

“Their chances are sufficiently high. In my opinion Subari made right decision when he joined Alasania’s political group.”
Gvantsa, student, 20