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Do you know where Nicaragua and Venezuela are and why they have recognised the rebel territories of Georgia?

Friday, September 25
“Georgians know where these countries are but I am pretty sure that neither Nicaraguans nor Venezuelans know where Georgia is, even less where Abkhazia and South Ossetia are. They just do not care. These most corrupt of countries have sold their countries and recognised those two entities, but this recognition means nothing. I would suggest to Chavez and his people that they make soap operas rather than interfere in our country’s affairs.”
Keti, marketing manager, 32

“It is very amusing that Russia cannot find other, more serious and developed countries to recognise Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia’s independence. Those two countries did it because they are our northern neighbour’s allies.”
Gia, student, 21

“I have heard that these countries have recognized our de facto regions. In my opinion Russia had persuaded their Government members to behave in this way. As far as I know, these countries have quite a strained relationship with the United States, which might explain part of this.”
Natia, teacher, 38

“I think there are several reasons behind this recognition. The first is that these countries have close relations with Russia and the Russian authorities have made or persuaded them to do this. Furthermore these countries are not developed, and they would not have been well informed about the real situation in Georgia. It must also be pointed out that Nicaragua and Venezuela do not support the USA, which is our ally, and possibly this played a significant role in them making this decision.”
Vakhtang, IT specialist, 29

“I really have no idea where these countries are, maybe they are in Africa or Latin America. They recognised the regions because Russia bribed them. If I am not mistaken Moscow allotted billions of dollars for this. But I think if pro-Western authorities with democratic values come into power there both will repudiate this recognition.”
Misha, footballer, 20

“They recognised Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states just because they want to get some material profit from Russia, I don’t think they had any other intentions.”
Asmat, journalist, 30

“I really don’t think anyone considers that these countries’ recognition of our territories as independent means anything. Venezuela and Nicaragua cannot influence any normal state in the world.”
Tsitsi, housewife, 41