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Monday, September 28
Peter Semneby calls on opposition and Government to follow “fair rules of the game”

EU Special Envoy for the South Caucasus Peter Semneby has called on the opposition and Government to follow fair rules. Member of Our Georgia - Free Democrats Viktor Dolidze told journalists yesterday that Semneby had said this at a private meeting with him and Conservative Kakha Kukava in the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

Dolidze said that Peter Semneby had spoken about the difficult political situation in the country. He said that the issue of so-called political prisoners and the necessity of their release had been emphasised.

Kakha Kukava said, “We demanded that more effective mechanisms be found for providing supervision of political prisoners and releasing them.” He said that if this demand is not satisfied it will be impossible to find compromise on other issues with the Government.

Russian occupiers detain bus in Gali district

The Russian occupiers continue to detain buses at the administrative boundary of Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia. Another such incident occurred on Sunday morning in the village of Ganakhleba, Gali district. The bus was travelling from a village in Zugdidi district in Georgian-controlled territory.

About 25 passengers, including children, were detained. All were taken to the Russian checkpoint at the entrance of Ganakhleba village. The aggressors took money from the passengers. The bus driver was taken to the city of Sukhumi.

Along with this, a new checkpoint is being constructed in the village of Tchuburkhinji in Gali district. The occupiers say that the new checkpoint will issue documents allowing people to cross the administrative boundary.
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St. Davit Aghmashenebeli Church to be consecrated in US

The St. Davit Aghmashenebeli Church will be consecrated in the US on Saturday. The American and Canadian parishes of the Georgian Patriarchate have bought an appropriate building for this church in the state of Pennsylvania.

Metropolitan Dimitri of Batumi and Lazeti will consecrate the church.
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Head of Georgian Trade Unions elected

Irakli Petriashvili has been elected the head of the Georgian Trade Unions for a second term. 192 delegates voted for him with 5 against. There were four candidates.

Members of the professional trade unions will draw up new plans and initiatives for the coming year. The main priority for them will be changing the existing Labour Code.
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Street vendors demand proper conditions

Street vendors are demanding proper conditions to trade in the vicinity of the Dynamo stadium. The vendors held a protest rally concerning this outside the Georgian Interior Ministry on Saturday, supported by the Conservative Party.

The street vendors have sent a letter to the Ministry. Lasha Tchakhartishvili from the Georgian Conservative Party said that street vending is illegally prohibited in the area of the stadium.
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Georgian Prime Minister meets head of Anti-Crisis Group

The problems of IDPs, healthcare issues and citrus exports were discussed at the meeting between Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri and Head of the Anti-Crisis Group Gia Tortladze at the State Chancellery on Friday.

Gia Tortladze said that funds should be set aside to address these issues in the 2010 state budget. Nika Gilauri promised that the Government will pay more attention to the issues discussed at the meeting.
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