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How would you assess President Saakashvili’s speech at the UN?

Monday, September 28
“Well overall I liked his speech. He highlighted his attention on the foreign affairs of Georgia and the Russian aggression, which has been the most important issue in recent years. What I like is that he has the ability to deliver a speech in a very good and precise manner and always attracts attention.”
Mariam, student, 23

“I think it was a quite a good speech. He managed to underline all the important issues for Georgian citizens.”
Nika, painter, 29

“The important issue was how he dealt with the opposition. He said that the Government had not dispersed the rally which was lasted more than 100 days but is that true? What therefore was going on when some guys attacked peaceful protestors and beat them? He says what he wants to say but the truth is what we see, what actually happens.”
Lado, taxi driver, 49

“The speech was really nicely presented. Saakashvili was both very critical and moderate. But what significant results this speech will bring is what is important. So we have to wait a bit.”
Lela, economist, 35

“To tell the truth I liked Mikheil Saakashvili’s speech at the UN. But it was just a speech and nothing more. In my opinion it will not have any positive result for the Georgian people. I do not believe in either Saakashvili, the US or the Western countries.”
Gia, teacher, 45

“It was quite impressive, I should admit, but not all of the things he said were true. I laughed a lot when he spoke about strengthening democracy in the country.”
Natia, lawyer, 25

“He is a brilliant speaker. When I see him on international tribunes I get a feeling of pride, however only talking does not make people’s lives better. He should do the things he was talking about doing in his speech, otherwise his words will have no value.”
Inga, accountant, 40

“I did not see his speech, but I am sure he was very energetic and convincing as usual.”
Vakhtang, student, 20