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Friday, October 2
Defence Minister meets Defence and Security Council

Defence Minister Bacho Akhalaia pledged to work closely with the Defence and Security Council at his first meeting with that body as Minister.

”I met the members of the Defence and Security Council, which is staffed with representatives of NGOs and experts and has been actively involved in the ongoing military reforms since they began. The Council represents a very significant part of our society, and the Ministry will cooperate with it,” Akhalaia said after the meeting.

The members of the Council have also hailed the meeting with the Minister, saying it had an introductory character. “The goal of the meeting was to get acquainted with the new staff of the Ministry. Today we discussed issues tied in with the development of the defence sector and future cooperation,” the experts said. (Rustavi 2)

Doctor arrested for alleged extortion

Officers of the Investigation Department of the Incomes Ministry have arrested a doctor, Giorgi Pesvianidze, suspected of making commercial machinations. An investigation has concluded that the doctor extorted 1,500 GEL from a patient who he promised to help attain the status of a vulnerable person. The doctor may face 6 years in prison. (Rustavi 2)

Famous Georgian writer Otar Chiladze dies at 76

Famous Georgian writer and poet Otar Chiladze has died after a long illness at the age of 76. Otar Chiladze was awarded the Shota Rustaveli, Ilia Chavchavadze and many other prizes.

Chiladze was born in 1933. He emerged in Georgian literature in 1950 and became very popular among Georgian readers. His most popular novels include A Man Went Down the Road, Everyone That Findeth Me, The Cock of the March and The Iron Theatre.

Helicopter picks up people left in mountains due to heavy snow

Due to the heavy snow people visiting the Mtatusheti district for their summer holidays have been unable to return home. The unexpected premature falls have also created big problems for foreign tourists in the village of Omalo. Local shepherds are not able to move freely as well.

After Mtatusheti had been cut off for five days members of the regional administration arrived there by helicopter with food and medicines for the local population. About a hundred people had been stranded in the district waiting for the weather to clear up. Some of these have already been flown out and further flights will be conducted daily to take the others home.

One lost shepherd has also been found by means of the helicopter. Clearance works have started on the highways. (Rustavi 2)