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Do you think Tagliavini’s report was fair?

Friday, October 2
“I think it was diplomatic. Both sides are accused of different violations and the report gives concrete facts in which Georgia or Russia are accused. I cannot either agree or disagree that the first shooting on the night the war started was done by Georgia; because I did not see it, did not hear it and do not have the right to claim that we shot first or the Russians. But it does not have any importance who shot first on that night, it is more important to remember who was shooting at our police and locals before the war.”
Mariam, PR Manager, 27

“There really was a seed of certainty, though it really needs to be looked through again.”
Diana, IT specialist, 32

“It was not fair and it seems Russia has put great pressure on this report because when I read it, there were some points that I fully disagreed with. Saying that before the first shooting Russia was making large scale provocations is not enough and I was quite sure that the EU Commission would put the blame on Putin and the Kremlin.”
Nika, student, 22

“Russia should have been strongly criticised for using cluster bombs and aircraft against civilians. Europe has been very weak against Russia. It is so weak and powerless that it even did not dare revoke Russia’s credentials in PACE, although it can see quite well that Russia does not care about fulfilling its commitments.”
Giorgi, lecturer, 51

“To my mind it was a very diplomatic report. The Georgian and Russian sides are both guilty and have equal responsibility for what happened last August in our country, says the report, but this is not true. Firs of all we talk about our own territory and Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia are part of Georgia. Russia interfered in an independent Country’s internal affairs and should have been strictly punished for it.”
Gaga, manager, 28

“It was a very unfair report. I think Russia has had great influence on it. One thing is very clear after this report - Western countries are not going to strain relations with Russia for Georgia.”
Nino, musician, 38

“It was unfair, of course. Why should Georgia and Russia have the same responsibility for starting the war? First of all Russia had no right to take part in the war, but it was the main provocateur and organiser of it. When the Russian ruling forces started the war in Chechnya they declared Chechnya was their territory and no one could interfered in it. This document should have been very strict towards Russia.”
Davit, historian, 56