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Do you think Georgia’s future lies in being member of the EU?

Tuesday, October 6
“Definitely! By its culture, nature, and religion Georgia has always been considered to be a European country and therefore its place is in the EU. It is hard to imagine that we will join it in the near future as we still have lots of internal as well as external problems but I am sure we will join much earlier than we expect today.”
Nino, PR manager, 29

“It depends on what policy the Georgian authority will conduct in the coming years. If the country becomes prosperous and economically developed and the conflicts with Russia are more or less regulated we will have a big chance to apply for EU membership. But if warlike politics continues we will never join either the EU or NATO.”
Kakhi, sportsman, 24

“This is not an easy question, because when you think about the country’s future a lot of things need to be taken into account. The major factor why Georgia’s EU membership will be threat for us is Russia. Imagine, when we were close to receiving a NATO MAP they attacked our country and occupied it, and now if they see that one day we will have a serious chance to become an EU member they will just destroy us. But another issue is Georgia’s authorities. If we have a President the Russian leaders will negotiate with, or at least have contact by telephone, they will not conduct such aggression as they did last year. So everything can be resolved through wise politics. Georgia’s future is in the EU, it is beyond question.”
Neli, housewife, 56

“Georgia must be a fully independent state. We do not need Europe, NATO, the CIS or whatever. Georgia should be a neutral country. They say we have same interests as the US or Europe, but I do not think so, we are quite different and have traditions they do not have. What did the US or Europe do when we were on the edge of being wiped off the map last year? The United States arranged all this and now it has agreed with Russia and said that Tskhinvali and Sokhumi will be in Russia’s hands and the rest of the country will be in America’s hands. That’s why we do not need them. We will live in a better country if we are on our own.”
Revaz, pensioner, 72

“In my opinion Georgia is a European state more than Asian, and I think we will eventually join the EU. I can’t predict when exactly this will happen. I hope we will join the EU in the 10 years’ time.”
Gia, economist, 43

“I think it is a matter of time only. We should develop a stronger economy and stronger democracy. Only after this we can we achieve the goal of becoming an EU member state.”
Salome, lawyer, 30

“I think this is only a dream that will never come true. Even Turkey is still striving to join the EU and has not been able to achieve this for so many years. Compared to Turkey we are a weak country with two unresolved conflicts. Do you think we have a chance?”
Lado, accountant, 35