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What could be the consequence of moving Guantanamo prisoners to Georgian prisons?

Wednesday, October 7
“To my mind this will cause more tensions in the prisons, as Georgian prisoners will be aggressive to foreigners and this will bring more instability into our prisons. Besides, I can't see any need to put Guantanamo prisoners in our prisons. We have enough prisoners of our own.”
Nino, student, 23

“I don’t know, perhaps the American Government doesn’t want Guantanamo to be a matter of international discussion and they are just trying to get rid of it.”
Tatia, sociologist, 24

“I do not like this and think that if these prisoners come to Georgia it will cause a great fuss and we may even become a target of terrorism. These are most dangerous people, criminals and killers, what do they want here?”
Sandro, taxi driver, 42

“I really don’t know why they want their prisoners to be moved to another country. We have enough Georgian prisoners. They just want to get rid of terrorists and are doing this at our expense.”
Tina, pensioner, 72

“Some say it might lead to acts of terrorism in Georgia, but I really don’t know. Maybe this will not have such tragic consequences as portrayed now.”
Ramaz, engineer, 31

“We have enough of our own prisoners, I don’t understand why should we keep the criminals of other countries in Georgia. I totally disagree with this idea, because it may result in increasing criminal activity in Georgia.”
Neli, doctor, 55

“They must stay where they are now, and if their Government wants to destroy this prison they should take the responsibility to put the inmates in a different prison but not in Georgia of course. They should stay in their country. If something bad happens while they are here or someone attempts a prison break in Georgia, will the US be held responsible for the consequences? Do they think about our safety when we know that Guantanamo prisoners are walking the streets? That’s terrible! Our Government must not allow them to be transferred here.”
Nodar, student, 22,

“This is the most shocking news I have heard recently. Certainly, I do not agree this and I do hope that the authorities have enough imagination to foresee what this might cause in Georgia.”
Manana, housewife, 56