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Polish politician suggests Ukraine is under threat

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 8
Polish opposition politician Jan Rokita, in an interview with newspaper Rzeczpospolita, has stated that Russia has identified its interests in a very particular way. It does not accept the status quo of 1989 and is trying to change it through political, economic and military force. To support this thesis he quotes the words of the Russian Foreign Minister, who declared to Western diplomats that “We will use our Army… and the world should accept this.”

Rokita said that he knows the calendar of Russian invasion attempts and the countries which will share Georgia’s fate. In 2017, when the agreement on deploying the Russian Black Sea Navy in Sevastopol expires, the situation between Kiev and Moscow will be aggravated. Analysts suggest two options, either Kiev will capitulate before Moscow or there will be a war, but most probably, Rokita suggests, Ukraine will capitulate.

Rokita’s assessment is underpinned by two facts. Russia is becoming less and less democratic and the West obviously cannot neutralise it.