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How effective will the new economic programme suggested by President Saakashvili be?

Thursday, October 8
“If what he said is implemented in reality, this will be really good. But I am very doubtful that the Government will keep its promises.”
Nino, doctor, 40

“A liberal economy is something which can help businessmen do business more easily, and I guess it will also encourage foreign businessmen to invest in Georgia. I guess this programme will be successful.”
Nodar, architect, 50

“To be honest I did not really get what the President was talking about. I heard the comments after his speech and they were quite optimistic. So I have no praise or criticism of Saakashvili’s new proposal.”
Ira, saleswoman, 37

“It is very difficult to say at this point. Our President is a really excellent orator and when he talks about projects and future plans you are sure everything is going nicely. Unfortunately the facts and the reality are always totally different. I do not believe his words.”
Nia, music teacher, 35

“I watched President Saakashvili’s speech about the new economic programme. I consider that this suggestion is very timely. If some positive changes and encouragements are made in this sphere, the situation will improve significantly in the country. I think his programme will be effective.”
Guram, footballer, 24

“I think this programme will impose serious, positive changes on our economy if our Government keeps its promise. The report itself was very interesting and hopeful, but the most important thing is how these ideas will be implemented in practice. I hope that in this case the ruling forces will not cheat the people.”
Tea, student, 18

“If the economy is liberalised this will help business development in Georgia and everyone will welcome this, especially small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Even today Georgia is very attractive to foreign investors do to the simplicity of doing business here. When this programme is implemented investment will definitely increase.”
Levan, student, 23