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Noghaideli against financial police reestablishment

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 9
The administration has decided to restore the financial police force, which was abolished some time ago. On October 6 when President Saakashvili spoke about economic liberalisation former PM and now opposition leader Zurab Noghaideli criticised the idea of restoring the financial police, saying this would kill business. Noghaideli thinks the financial police will terrorise entrepreneurs and might be used as a tool for the prosecution of political opponents.

In 2007 the Taxation, Customs and Financial Police Departments were merged to create the Revenues Department. Today the Government wants to separate these bodies again and give the President the right to appoint the head of the financial police, on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance, with the Minister of Finance being appointed by the PM.

Noghaideli thinks that while Saakashvili talks about economic liberalisation he is at the same time taking steps to suppress economic freedom. By restoring the financial police economic freedom in Georgia will be further restricted, he thinks.