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Azeri opinion on Georgia’s transit function

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 9
Azeri political analyst Vafa Guluzade thinks that opening the Turkish-Armenian border will not diminish Georgia’s transit attraction. He thinks that Azerbaijan and Georgia are strategic partners and Azerbaijan is firmly committed to Georgia being the transit route to Europe via Turkey and the Black Sea, so relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia in this respect will not change.

Guluzade thinks that transit projects involving Georgia, including the Baku-Akhalkalaki-Kars railway, are still very important and says that delays in the construction of this are due to some technical factors, and suggests that this route will eventually join/unite Europe and Asia. However the opening of the border has not yet been confirmed as Russia is against it because it is afraid of losing control over Armenia. It is believed that Moscow is plotting something which will persuade either Turkey or Armenia to refuse to open the borders.

Russia does not plan to further punish Georgia, it is more important at present for it to keep Armenia within its orbit. Therefore Russia is against the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border, thinks Guluzade.