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Monday, October 12
Patriarch’s Sunday sermon

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II has urged people not to carry knives in order to prevent murders.

“I am deeply concerned by the multiple murders committed in Georgia recently. There have been frequent cases of knife murder. We should not commit so many killings because we are the country of the Virgin Mary. I have asked students, and now I ask you all, not to carry knives in your pockets, because Georgians are very emotional people and forget that they are killing others. That is why I want to call upon all of you not to put knives in your pockets and let the devil use you for his goals,” His Holiness announced during his Sunday sermon.

The Patriarch said the human being was the key value of society. In addition, His Holiness blessed families and the pupils and teachers of the 55th and 193rd schools.
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NATO Week in Georgia concludes

NATO Week in Georgia has officially finished. The closing ceremony was held in the Theatre of Musical Comedy and Drama in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. The NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative in the South Caucasus Robert Simmons and NATO experts attended and outlined the events which had taken place.

“We also had a discussion with the Government about the Annual National Programme. As you know, this is the first year of the application of this document which really has NATO membership as its goal. So it’s important that the Government does well with that and we have gathered good impressions about what it has done to fulfil its programme. We will report that to NATO and our report will generally be very positive,” Robert Simmons said.
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Anti-Government rally held in Moscow

Russian opposition parties held an anti-Government demonstration in Moscow yesterday. Opposition leaders and their supporters demanded the resignation of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and urged the citizens of Russia to boycott the regional elections.

The opposition leaders told their supporters not to vote for the ruling party in the regional elections held yesterday. Over three thousand polling stations opened at 8 a.m. throughout Russia and closed at 8 p.m. exactly.

Six political parties stood in the regional elections. Preliminary results of the polls will be announced this morning with final official results being published on October 14.
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Public discussion of Tagliavini report held

Salome Zurabishvili has brokered a public discussion of the conclusions of the Tagliavini report. The Leader of the Way of Georgia thinks that public discussion is necessary because the report is an historical document and very important for the country.

A decision to translate the report to make it accessible for everyone in the world was made at the meeting. Experts and representatives of different political parties attended the public discussion.
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Another case of meningococcemia confirmed in Tbilisi

Another case of meningococcemia has been confirmed in Tbilisi. Teona Gvinjilia, 2, has been taken to the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tbilisi having had a high temperature for a week. After it rose still further the girl started suffering from cramps and was taken to hospital.

After examination doctors diagnosed the meningococcemia virus. The child’s condition is difficult but stable.
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Mikheil Saakashvili to visit Kuwait next week

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili will visit Kuwait next week. The President’s Administration states that he will be there from 13-15 October.

It is believed that the main aim of the visit will be to attract foreign investment and implement new economic projects.

Border settlements to be built in Tskhinvali

Russia is to build compact border settlements for its soldiers along the South Ossetian administrative boundary line over the next two years. The Russian Federal Security Bureau [FSB] has already staffed the divisions which will protect the so-called borders of occupied South Ossetia.

The head of the Russian FSB in the Tskhinvali region says that the situation is so stable in the breakaway region that locals are returning home. The Russian KGB will be also involved in so-called border protection activities. Only after their monitoring will Russian border-guards be allowed to begin guarding the so-called borders.

Russia has also considered offering moral and financial stimulation to the local population, which they want to involve in border defence activities in the future.
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Teenage murder suspect detained

A murder suspect has been detained. Law enforcers have arrested Giorgi Pavliashvili, 17, who has reportedly admitted his guilt. The Georgian Interior Ministry has released video footage concerning his alleged premeditated murder of a taxi driver in a dispute in the village of Biisi in the Gori district.

According to an investigation, Giorgi Pavliashvili asked the taxi driver to reduce the price of the taxi when he sought to buy it and after the driver refused inflicted a deadly wound on him and seized the car. If found guilty, the suspect may receive a life sentence.

The mutilated body of the driver, Mikheil Javakhishvili, 49, was found in the Ateni gorge late on Saturday night in the boot of a car in the vicinity of Biisi village. About twenty wounds were inflicted on him with a sharp object and his fingers were cut off. His family members believe that the suspect do not act alone but with accomplices.
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