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Are there any former senior officials who you think are now political prisoners?

Monday, October 12
“I cannot remember the names of the senior officials who are now in prison except one. If I am not mistaken his surname is Kobaladze, and he is connected with the Mukhrovany munity. I consider this man a political prisoner.”
Eka, housewife, 31

“The opposition parties call them political prisoners but they are criminals and should be in prison. Who is a political prisoner, Nora Kvitsiani or Giorgadze’s allies? These kinds of people are traitors to the country. There are a lot of people in our present Government as well who will eventually be imprisoned and if somebody then says they are political prisoners this will be a lie.”
Gia, pensioner, 56

“We did have political prisoners in Georgia, for example Gamsakhurdia’s supporters, who were innocent but had to spend several years in prison. As for the present situation, I think there are no political prisoners in Georgia now.”
Lia, musician, 28

“I don’t think we can call them political prisoners. Some were detained for very serious violations of the law, most for bribery. I guess they have to serve a sentence to demonstrate to others that they should be more careful.”
Tamriko, teacher, 53

“I can’t think of any names right now, however I guess there are several people in Georgia imprisoned for their political views. I can’t say exactly if they are political prisoners of not, I am not competent in this issue.”
Dato, engineer, 52

“Frankly, I do not understand how anybody is a political prisoner. To my mind there are no political prisoners, but the opposition often claims otherwise.”
Maka, student, 21

“Unfortunately, I do not know any names of political prisoners but it is true that there are political prisoners here.”
Misha, driver, 25