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Should Georgia become neutral or maintain its pro-Western orientation?

Tuesday, October 13
“As for myself, I am pretty sure that the threats will grow if Georgia becomes neutral. I am not talking only about war or attacks from a neighbouring country, I also think that if we become neutral the US or Europe will decrease their financial as well as moral support for Georgia. They respect us for our pro-Western orientation.”
Marta, musician, 30

“I do not know who has dreamed up the idea that if Georgia becomes neutral its affairs will go perfectly. This is nonsense. We are a European country by culture, history and tradition and Georgia should continue its striving towards the EU and NATO.”
Lasha, dentist, 36

“Neutral like Switzerland?! No please! Do not forget that Switzerland is one of the wealthiest states in the world and Georgia one of the poorest. We need the EU, NATO and the United States; otherwise Russia will occupy the whole country.”
Davit, student, 23

“Of course it is very hard for a small country such as Georgia to maintain neutrality because such small nations always need protection from bigger countries; however, I think it would be better if a neutral orientation was adopted.”
Megi, manager, 35

“Though remaining neutral is really difficult I do not agree with the idea of maintaining the pro-Western orientation which is so irritating for our northern neighbour. Besides, do you think that the US is a sincere friend? I do not believe so.”
Nana, accountant, 40

“Georgia can’t be neutral in the current conditions. I can’t imagine any country with two breakaway regions having a neutral policy. This is utopia.”
Ika, bank employee, 30

“This would be a very good solution for most of our problems, however I don’t know how realistic it is. Maybe it is better to pursue a consistent pro-Western policy instead of choosing neutrality now.”
Ilona, secretary, 25

“I think even being neutral won’t help Georgia free itself from Russian pressure. For Russia it does not matter whether you are a neutral, Communist or Western-oriented country. Russia has its aims and will do everything to achieve them regardless.”
Bacho, unemployed, 24