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Labour accuses the ruling party of doing corrupt deals with Russians

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 15
The Georgian Labour Party, notorious for its extravagant statements and accusations, has enbarked upon what it calls a “corruption revelation week.” Labour representatives have told journalists that there are links between the current Georgian leadership and Russian capital.

One of the leaders of Labour, Giorgi Gugava, says that President Saakashvili and his family members have links with different Russian companies, like Beeline, and is promoting the interests of investors who own, say Labour, the Madneuli and Kvartsiti jewellery factoriy in Tbilisi. He says that the money which taken from Georgia by these companies is being used by Russia against Georgia, and the Russian bullets shot at Georgians are made with Georgian money.

Labour has also attacked the Government over electricity supply and payment issues, challenging President Saakashvili’s statement that Georgian electricity is the cheapest in Europe. The Georgian leadership is linked with Russian energy companies and Russia takes 70% of the profit made in Georgia, says another senior Labour figure, Paata Jibladze.