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What kind of influence could opening the Armenian-Turkish border have on Georgia?

Thursday, October 15
From an economic point of view Georgia will lose significant income from transiting goods, but nevertheless maintain its energy transit route. Politically, stability in, and good relations between, our neighbours is very important for Georgia.
Davit, economist, 32

I guess it will not have any negative influence. The better the relations are between neighbouring countries the better it is for Georgia.
Ira, housewife, 40

I think in economic terms this will be bad for Georgia, because Armenia receives all the goods it acquires from Turkey through Georgia. Armenia wont need Georgia as a corridor anymore.
Gia, architect, 50

I dont think it will have any influence on Georgia. This is about Turkey and Armenia, so whats the connection with Georgia? I dont know. Anyway I think nothing bad will happen.
Tsira, student, 19

First of all I do not understand why Turkey is opening its border with Armenia when it closed it in the first place over the Karabakh conflict, which has not been resolved yet. Azerbaijan and Turkey have had very friendly relations with each other since Turkey did this, although maybe these will now get worse. As for Georgia, economically and politically this decision may have some bad impact but I do not think they will be serious.
Manana, musician, 37

Im sorry to be so uninformed about things going on around me but I have no idea about this, and neither have most of our citizens.
Misha, engineer, 35

I think it will be very good for Georgia and its neighbours as the new border will promote cultural, economical and political relations among them.
Nino, translator, 29

Well I am not very well acquainted with this issue so I cant predict either positive or negative affects. Lets just trust the political analysts - its their job to predict the consequences of this.
Lali, doctor, 41

Its not good for Georgia, as if our country loses it transit function this will not be pleasant.
Giga, bank employee, 25

I think the less conflict there is in the world the better it will be for us generally. But as for Georgia I dont think we will be happy with this development.
Beka, student, 22