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Friday, October 16
UNESCO to monitor reconstruction works at Bagrati Cathedral

UNESCO has begun monitoring the reconstruction work at the Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi. A special group of experts from the organisation has already arrived in Kutaisi to monitor whether the ongoing works meet the standards of UNESCO. Georgian experts have joined them. A delegation from the Patriarchate and the Culture Ministry are working on the ground.

The rehabilitation works at the Bagrati Cathedral were suspended a month ago due to a protest from one group of experts that iron-concrete constructions should not be used. The Georgian Patriarch requested a temporary suspension of the reconstruction works at Bagrati and the Ateni Sioni Cathedral and proposed to create a special commission to examine this problem in detail.

Bagrati Cathedral is an 11th century cathedral church perched atop the Ukimerioni Hill. It is in ruins but still considered a masterpiece of Georgian medieval architecture. The Bagrati Cathedral/Gelati Monastery complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site. (Rustavi 2)

Giorgi Baramia – the so-called Presidential elections in Abkhazia are a performance staged by Russia

Chair of the legal Abkhazian Autonomous Republic Government Giorgi Baramia has said that the so-called Presidential election in Sokhumi is the latest performance staged by Russia. Interpressnews was informed of this by Abkhazian media centre.

Baramia stated that any election held in Abkhazia is illegal. He said that Russia in trying to promote the so-called independence of Abkhazia in the international arena by means of these elections. He considers that this attempt is doomed to fail, as the international community will never recognise separatist Abkhazia.

“A black plague has spread in Georgia in the form of Russia and it’s time the international commonwealth produced a new vaccine to counter it and oust the Russian occupation forces from the territory of Georgia,” Baramia stated.

The Chair of the legal Abkhaz Government says that the so-called Presidential elections are not important as the so-called President of separatist Abkhazia will again be selected by the Kremlin. The Sokhumi puppet regime plans to hold the so-called Presidential elections on 12 December. (Interpressnews)

President wraps up visit to Kuwait

The Georgian President has wrapped up his first official visit to Kuwait. Mikheil Saakashvili met representatives of various investment groups, including the Alshaya Group, which owns various world brands, in Kuwait. The Georgian President was also hosted by the Kuwaiti Prime Minister.

At the various meetings it was decided that by the end of this month a business forum would be held in Kuwait at which the Georgian authorities would present specific investment projects. Georgian officials said after the meetings that the interest of Kuwait investors in Georgia was very serious, particularly in investing in energy, tourism, agriculture and construction.

It was also decided that a delegation of businesspersons from Kuwait would visit Georgia soon to get acquainted with the business environment in Georgia. In addition, the official delegations agreed that Kuwait would soon open an embassy in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Davit Bakradze leaves for USA

Chair of Parliament Davit Bakradze has left for the USA. His official visit will last a week.

Interpressnews has been informed by Bakradze’s press service that he will visit New York and Washington and meetings with the US Administration, Congress and Senate are planned.

In addition to his meetings with officials Bakradze will open a Georgian school in New York for the Georgian Diaspora. Two Vice Speakers from opposition parties, Levan Vephkhvadze and Paata Davitaia, and majority member Zaza Gamtsemlidze are also part of the delegation.

Bakradze and his colleagues will return to Georgia on 26 October. (Interpressnews)

Police say power line explosion was a terror attack

The Interior Ministry has said that Wednesday’s blowing up of the Kartli 2 high voltage power transmission line was a terrorist act and has launched an investigation.

Four masts carrying the line, situated near the village of Tsaghvlevi in the district of Khashuri were damaged by the explosion. According to police, a clockwork explosive device packed with TNT was attached to each of the damaged masts. Electricians have been working on all four masts since Wednesday and say the repair works will take at least one week.

While Georgia has accused separatists of conducting this sabotage, representatives of the puppet regime have denied have any connection with this incident and said it was perpetrated by Georgian intelligence. (Rustavi 2)

Security Council Chief leaves for Vienna

The Secretary of the Georgian National Security Council has left for Vienna to participate in an international conference. Whilst there, Eka Tkeshelashvili will also meet the OSCE Secretary General.

Prior to her departure from Georgia, Tkeshelashvil commented on the proposal US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made during her visit to Moscow of forming so-called buffer zones in Georgia’s conflict regions.

“Our key goal prior to achieving the complete de-occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is to see international monitoring in the occupied regions,” Eka Tkeshelashvili said. (Rustavi 2)