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What do you think about car drivers and all their passengers using seat belts?

Friday, October 16
“I think it is necessary and drivers and passengers should have full information on what will happen if they don’t use safety belts. It’s kind of funny that it is still a subject of discussion in our country, because almost every civilized country has rules about wearing safety belts while we are still hesitating.”
Ana, PR Manager, 28

“I think this should be mandatory, because about 80% of accidents end fatally because both drivers and passengers do not wear safety belts.”
Levan, economist, 44

“It should be compulsory and is necessary. Everyone should realise that by fastening their belts they decrease the danger which always exists to some extent when driving.”
Ia, tour operator, 36

“What is the use of a belt if someone crashes into you in his/her car? I never fasten the safety belt and I have been fined several times but I still think it will not save your life.”
Maka, student, 22

“For the driver and front seat passenger this is necessary, because if they have to brake they stroke the front mirror of car immediately and this threatens their lives. However I do not think it is so necessary for those in the back seat. Even in the event of a blow they are safer than the driver.”
Kakhi, sportsman, 28

“I think it is very necessary to use safety belts while driving. I had a serious car accident a month ago and if it had not been for the air bags in the car I would not be alive now. Unfortunately I did not have my safety belt on at that time. Since that accident I have always put it on and I feel much safer. That’s why I suggest to everyone not to drive without a belt because it really is helpful during accidents.”
Irakli, lecturer, 37

“Personally I am not a driver and do not know about driving at all, but as soon as we leave our home in the car my father always warns me to fasten my belt and it is really useful. I know that if you do not have a belt on the highways you are fined by the police, but I also consider it useful to take such measures in the city because I have never seen such traffic jams and terrible car movement as there is in Tbilisi anywhere else. I was in Germany for some time and there everyone tries not to break the rules and puts their belts on while driving. Georgian drivers should also take this into account.”
Keti, student, 18

“I always forget to put my seat belt on and my children always remind me. Definitely it is necessary if not obligatory. We never used them in my childhood, neither my parents nor others’, but it really insures your life by some percentage. I wish all drivers a fortunate journey but do not forget that our life is in our hands and we should care for it.”
Nana, doctor, 51