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Armenian PM on opening of Turkish border

By Messenger Staff
Monday, October 19
Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian has stated that if the Turkish-Armenian borders are not opened Georgia would be the winner. In an interview with a leading Armenian TV stations he stated that trade turnover between Armenia and Turkey was several hundred million USD and so far this trade has had to be conducted through Georgia. The lack of direct contact between Turkey and Armenia makes this trade profitable for Georgia.

In the modern world having closed borders is nonsense and opening the Turkish-Armenian borders is not as dangerous as some Armenians think. Contact with Turkey via Georgia already takes place, so there should be no threats and no surprises involved in reestablishing direct contact, Sarkisian said.

Conducting direct trade between the two countries would definitely decrease the loss Armenia suffers by transporting its goods through Georgia by at least 15%. Armenian enterprises will have new commercial possibilities if the border opens and railway connections to the Mediterranean Sea could essentially change the structure of Armenia’s economy.