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Complied by Liana Bezhanishvili
Tuesday, October 20
The independent Adjara TV company to be sold at auction

Kviris Palitra writes that the independent TV company 25 TV which broadcasts in Adjara may be switched off. A Batumi court has stated that 25 TV will be switched off if it does not pay arrears of 277,247 GEL which it is unable to pay. New legislation gives the Georgian Government the right to sell off the TV company at auction before a legal case against it has been concluded. It is not difficult to understand whether this will allow any TV company to remain independent in such circumstances.

25 TV, the only independent TV company in Adjara, is asking representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia for assistance. If it becomes necessary, it will bring a case in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The Government’s Financial Incomes Service connects the tax dispute with the previous Adjaran administration of Aslan Abashidze. Previously the tax laws could not be applied to 25 TV because Abashidze allies had taken over the company, the Service says, and although after the Rose Revolution the company was returned to its legal owners these financial problems were discovered.

People have expressed their consideration and indignation. On the evening the court decision was made viewers declared their solidarity with the free media and sent a message to the Government saying that they would fight for free speech, saying “We will not forgive you for this”.

Exclusive details of Irakli Okruashvili and Eka Beselia’s meeting in Paris

In an interview with Versia member of the Movement for United Georgia Eka Beselia has talked about the recent negotiations between opposition parties and her meeting with her party leader, former Defence Minister Irakli Okruashvili.

“I know exactly what those who now have a very critical opinion about the August 2008 war were saying at that time. I will reveal this when I am able to talk about this publicly but not today, because it would damage opposition unity. But I am offended by their behaviour and I said so at the Radisson Hotel meeting. Some political leaders want to appear better than others. I think if someone is better than the next person they should prove it by their actions.

“It is time to stop fighting against each other and start fighting Saakashvili together, in spite of our differences on strategy and method. We cannot wait long. We are going to start holding street protests again in November and we think this timing is fundamental. 7 November must be the beginning of the third stage of the fight. We will hold large scale actions and not only in Tbilisi. Whoever wants to hold a protest and wherever they wants to do it we will back them,” Beselia said.

“I spoke to Irakli about the specific plan we have developed for our party. It is a very realistic and short-term plan and if it is not supported the removal of Saakashvili will take longer. It is a radical, rapid and adequate constitutional regime change plan. A fight cannot be conducted just with combed hair and a siren voice, although I am opposed to using evil to defeat evil and thereby replacing Saakashvili with another Saakashvili. I have showed our plan to many parties but let us see if even one supports it.”

Asked why she though her party represented a real threat to the Government, Beselia said, “The main reason is Okruashvili. The Government has not been able to silence him and it can see that I am the reason for this. At my meeting with him we discussed his return to Georgia and as you would expect I know the exact date on which he will come here. I cannot say what date this is yet, but it will be before 2013.”