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What do you think would change if you had a directly elected Mayor?

Tuesday, October 20
“To my mind it is not only direct but also free and fair elections that are needed to reverse the situation in Tbilisi. All in all it is very important to have a directly elected Mayor and what might change is the attitude of the person who will take that position to the people he will serve.”
Tamta, student, 23

“I live in Rustavi and am quite satisfied with what our Mayor and municipality do, because our town is getting more beautiful every day. In spite of the fact that Mayors are often changed in Rustavi all of them do their job perfectly, so I do not want our Mayor to be elected directly.”
Sophie, student, 22

“Of course the direct election of Mayors is important because to vote for those who govern us is the population’s right. However, not only direct but free and just elections are essential.”
Maia, housewife, 45

“If our country is democratic Mayoral elections must be direct but the question is - is this a democratic country? Even if the Mayoral elections are direct I do not think the people will be able to choose their desired candidate.”
Merab, driver, 50

“We say that we have a democratic country, and if Georgia really wants democracy it should have rulers elected by the people. I think that these kinds of elected representatives will be more reliable and appreciative.”
Nona, painter, 31

“In my opinion this will not change much, but people will have the feeling that they have a Mayor they elected themselves. This will create a feeling that they are the decision-makers, not the Government.”
Zura, unemployed, 32

“I have never liked the fact that people in such senior posts are appointed and not elected by the people. If the Tbilisi Mayor is elected by the people he will have more respect for ordinary citizens and will not make decisions which affect them negatively.”
Gia, worker, 36

“I think that this is really a very positive step for building democracy in our country. I hope that the elected Mayor will be very acceptable for the people. When you vote for somebody it means that you like his candidacy and rely on him, and on the other hand that person than has a great responsibility. I think an elected Mayor will be better than an appointed one.”
Nodar, businessman, 29