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Friday, October 23
11 persons to serve on Zviad Gamsakhurdia Commission

Eleven people will form the Parliamentary Commission which will establish the cause of death of the first President of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia. At today's plenary session the leader of Georgian Troupe, MP Jondi Bagaturia, said that the names of the eleven will be announced within two weeks.

The Commission will work for three months. (Interpressnews)

Fire brigades still fighting fire in Racha

Fire brigades are still fighting the natural disaster in the forests of Racha. Fire has broken out again in the area, 8 kilometres from the village of Chorzo, but the brigades have been unable to extinguish the flames because fire engines cannot access the impassable mountainous area the fire is centred on.

Helicopters of the Interior Ministry joined the operation yesterday. Fire initially broke out in the mountains of Racha a week ago, possibly due to negligence. (Rustavi 2)

CDM urges Government to lobby air company

The Christian Democratic Movement urges the Government to lobby air company Georgian Airlines, which has problems conducting flights to Israel. MP Nika Laliashvili of the party said that the company might no longer fly to Israel from November 1 because its flight schedule was being determined by the Israeli side and the interests of the Georgian company violated.

The opposition party member urged the Government to support Georgian business in the international arena. Laliashvili also asked the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development to take specific steps to help the air company.

Representatives of Georgian Airlines have also talked about their problems with their Israeli partners. They said that the Arkia Company had continually violated the terms of their agreement with Georgian Airlines and was trying to suppress it. (Rustavi 2)

Damaged sector of railway restored

The damaged sector of the Georgian railway network has been restored. The rails were damaged due to an explosion on the Senaki-Poti sector of the railway on Wednesday night. Technical brigades worked the whole night and continued the following morning.

The restored sector was checked several times, security norms were also checked and the first train passed along it early on Thursday morning. (Rustavi 2)

Child infected with meningococcemia

A new case of meningococcemia has been registered - a five year-old child has been hospitalised at the Centre of Infectious Diseases in Batumi. The child has had haemorrhages all over her body and a high temperature.

Doctors say that the child underwent treatment in the Batumi hospital and his state is satisfactory. This is the 26th case of meningococcemia to be reported in Georgia in 2009. 10 have resulted in deaths. (Rustavi 2)

Fares to be halved for pensioners

Public transport fares will be halved for pensioners from next year, Vice-Mayor of Tbilisi Mamuka Akhvlediani said at the session of the Anti-Crisis Council held on Wednesday.

The main issue on the agenda at the session was the re-structuring of arrears of municipal taxes for the socially vulnerable. The Tbilisi Vice-Mayor said that the municipality intends to start talks with the proper companies on delaying tax payments for water, electric power and gas supplies. (Rustavi 2)