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Why do you think there is a campaign to vilify the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia?

Friday, October 23
“Because the people who do this are insane and religiously uneducated and do not know what a sin they are committing. God sees everything and all of them will be strictly punished for this.”
Anano, musician, 30

“This is the most shocking scene I’ve ever seen. I was very surprised that they dared to make such a disgraceful clip, an animated photo of the Patriarch making insulting statements abouts Saakashvili. It’s a shame for the whole of Georgia. We students plan to make protests and presumably will gather in Sameba Cathedral in the next few days. We will show them that we do not accept such statements against our Patriarch”
Zura, student, 21

“I have not seen this clip. My children were talking about it, they watched it with their friend. Unfortunately we do not have internet. As far as I understand Liberty Institute members did it and released it. I want to tell everyone that they will never manage to harm the Patriarch, he is our father and his great contribution to our spiritual development will never be forgotten.”
Salome, housewife, 41

“I think it is just a stupid joke from some teenagers who had nothing to do in the evening and decided to have some fun. I think insulting anyone, especially the Patriarch, is not something they should be proud of.”
Nino, cardiologist, 30

“I saw the videos, I think there is nothing so bad in them. I think everyone has the right of free expression, so we should not make such a big fuss about this.”
Gela, student, 22

“Of course it is a very bad PR action against the Patriarch, the only reliable person in Georgia, who is trusted by the nation. I would like to see our society more educated and more spiritually rich than it is right now.”
Natela, teacher, 45

“It is totally unacceptable for Georgian people and an Orthodox country. The Patriarch told the truth when he stated that the war could have been avoided. This propaganda is made by Government and I wonder what they want when they do such terrible things to the Church. They assault all of us. It is a shame! I have heard that Tutberidze compared the Patriarch to some politicians. This shows how uneducated a person she is. What can I say about a person who does not see any difference between politicians and the Patriarch?”
Lasha, economist, 27

“Recently there has been some vilification of this highly appreciated person, and I do believe that this is not in line with the interests of the Georgian nation. Insulting videos and abusive comments by anyone towards the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia are unacceptable for almost every citizen of Georgia, no matter what their religion is. All in all I greatly doubt that anyone can cast a shadow on the reputation of His Holiness.”
Tamta, student, 23