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Monday, October 26
TBC Bank decreases interest rates

On Friday October 23 TBC Bank President Vakhtang Butskhrikidze held a press conference at which he announced that TBC Bank will lower interest rates on almost all types of loans. Some application procedures will also be made easier. TBC Bank intends to increase its activities in the credit market in Georgia by taking this step.
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Fire localised in Racha

The fire in the Racha region has been almost localised. Along with local fire fighters and rangers representatives of the Georgian Interior Ministry have been involved in fighting the fire.

Helicopters are being used to extinguish the fire as the region is mountainous. The blaze flared up again when it was almost out in the village of Tchiora late one night. It broke out in the leaf forest, although it was localised in time and did not spread to the coniferous trees. The local settlements are not endangered.
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Georgian President attends opening of new wharf in Poti Port

The refurbished 14th wharf has opened in Georgia’s Black Sea coastal town of Poti. RAKIA-Invest, an Arab company, has put GEL 27 million into the reconstruction of the terminal.

The wharf has been refurbished in accordance with the latest standards with modern equipment: two new cranes have been installed and a new railway track has been made to connect the wharf with the existing port railway. 350 new jobs have been created.

Work on the project lasted four months. The Georgian President opened the new wharf in Poti Port on Saturday. Mikheil Saakashvili told the employees of the wharf that Georgia is on the threshold of irrevocable economic development. He explained the significance of Georgia`s geographical location in terms of transportation of cargo from Europe to Asia. “Georgia was bombed not because someone does not like its President, but because Georgia has a profitable geographic location and the lowest tax rates in the region, which have helped the country be rated second, next to Hong Kong and Singapore, in some indices. Georgia is rated the eleventh country in the world for ease of doing business,” the President said.

Talking about how Georgia’s facilities should be used, Saakashvili said that a new airport is being constructed in Poti. A port will be constructed in Anaklia, resorts in the Mestia district will be developed and all these will be connected to one another by new roads and motorways.
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Climate Change Week opens in Tbilisi, Georgia

Climate Change Week has opened in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Participants of the rally organised on Saturday moved along Rustaveli Avenue, the main thoroughfare of Tbilisi, on bicycles and skateboards. Disabled children also participated in the rally. Climate Change Week is being organised by the environmental movement Friends of the Earth - Georgia and the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office.

Per Eklund, Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Georgia, and Environment Minister Goga Khachidze addressed the participants outside Parliament. “Global climate change affects us all. And we need to raise awareness of this among politicians and with every individual because we all have a collective responsibility to do something to save the planet. Climate change is affecting us all and we can all do things. We need to have international level cooperation to resolve this issue,” Per Eklund said.
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Two new cases of H1N1 registered in Georgia

Two new cases of H1N1 flu have been registered in Georgia. One of the infected is a citizen of Georgia, a sportsman, who had returned from Sweden. He is undergoing medical treatment at home. Doctors say the patient is safe and will recover soon.

The second case involves a citizen of the United States, who has already left Georgia with the production team, which shot scenes of the Georgia-Russia war film in Georgia.

This is the 25th case of the disease registered by the Centre of Medical Diseases. Officials of the Healthcare Ministry say that the country will soon get a supply of H1N1 vaccine which will be free for citizens of Georgia.
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Work carried out by Commission on Law on Employment summed up

The work carried out by the Commission on the Law on Employment was summed up at the Georgian Healthcare Ministry on Friday. The trilateral Commission, including representatives of the Healthcare Ministry, Trade Unions and the Employers Association, had discussed ways to fill gaps in the existing law for three days.

The Commission members said that the main accent had been put on short term agreements. The gaps in the Law on Employment have been partly examined and certain amendments have been suggested.
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World champion arm wrestler arrested on suspicion of swindling

The Investigation Department of the Tbilisi Prosecutor’s Office has demanded a pre-trial sentence for Zaur Tskhadadze, twice world champion in arm wrestling. Tskhadadze is suspected of swindling. Police arrested him on October 21 at a petrol station.

The court is hearing the motion of the Prosecutor at the moment. Judge Giorgi Arevadze will make the decision.
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