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How did you celebrate Tbilisoba?

Monday, October 26
“I just adore Tbilisoba, as the whole city is very active, very joyful and very smiley. My friends and I were at Rike, I have even participated in wine pressing, that was wonderful. Then we went to a fashion show in Old Tbilisi, which we enjoyed very much.”
Tika, student, 22

“Actually I did not really celebrate it this year, though I think it's a very nice tradition.”
Lela, accountant, 30

“I took my kids to Rike and showed them the festival; they even painted their faces with funny things. They were very happy and I was happy also. Then we went to the children’s concert and enjoyed it very much. This is one of the good traditions of Tbilisi and we should never forget it.”
Rezo, dentist, 36

“I was out of town with my friends. We wanted to escape from the city fuss but celebrated Tbilisoba without being in Tbilisi”.
Nino, journalist, 24

Tbilisoba is my favorite public holiday. In spite of my age I went to Rustaveli Avenue and just had a walk there. I felt the spirit of the city.”
Lado, pensioner, 67

“I watched some street events and bought churchkhela. That’s how I celebrated Tbilisoba. Actually I don’t like such public holidays but I think many people enjoy it every year”.
Lali, teacher, 49

“I went to Rike to attend the folk concert and eat Mtsvadi cooked in the open air. I enjoyed it a lot.”
Rezo, engineer, 41

“I preferred to stay home and watch TV, because usually nothing special is happening at the Tbilisoba festival, just eating and selling things.”
Nana, unemployed, 38

“I think it is a very good tradition, and more and more people get involved in it. I attended the falconry and auto show. There were not so many cars but anyway it was interesting to see some old Soviet models.”
Gia, driver, 50