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Tuesday, October 27
Military exercises begin on Krtsanisi training field

Georgia and the United States have launched military exercises for Georgians being trained for the Afghanistan peace mission. The exercises, called Rapid Response, are just one part of the programme which aims to support the international security mission in Afghanistan.

At this stage Georgian soldiers will be trained in counter-terrorist operations. Georgian peacemakers will conduct counter-terrorist operations in Afghanistan together with their American colleagues. U.S. diplomats have said that they are grateful for the participation of Georgia in the peace mission in Afghanistan.

An infantry brigade will be sent to the conflict area in a few weeks. The other soldiers will be deployed in spring.
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Burjanadze’s house handed over to State

A private house in Tskneti owned by Nino Burjanadze, leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia, has been handed over to the Ministry of Economy, Interpressnews has been informed by Deputy Finance Minister Irakli Laghidze.

The house has already been put up for auction twice. Its initial price was 11,494,249 GEL, but when the first auction failed this was decreased to 5,700,000 GEL. It did not sell at the second auction either.

The house was sold to ex-Speaker Nino Burjanadze on President Mikheil Saakashvili’s order for the symbolic price of 1 GEL.

Georgia supports peaceful nuclear project in Iran

Giorgi Janjghava, Georgian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran, has told Interpressnews while commenting on an article published in the Tehran Times that Georgia supports the peaceful nuclear programme being conducted in Iran.

According to the Tehran Times Giorgi Janjghava had told journalists at the 16th International Festival of the Press that all countries, especially Iran, had the right to use nuclear technology. “Of course I meant only the peaceful use of nuclear technology. As for Iran’s nuclear project in general, this matter is not within my competence and I haven’t talked about it,” Janjghava said.

The Ambassador said that he had also touched upon other issues at the festival, including Iran’s participation in the NABUCCO project. “The participation of as many countries as possible in the NABUCCO project is better for Georgia and for the whole region,” he said.

Georgia to have new Ambassador to Germany

Georgia will appoint a new Ambassador to Germany to replace current Ambassador Nika Duhidze. Gabriela Habsburg-Lothringens has been nominated for the post. The authorities have not specified why the current Ambassador has been recalled from Germany.

Gabriela Habsburg-Lothringens was born in Luxembourg in 1956. She is a philosopher and art researcher by profession. She has designed numerous awards. Since 2001 she has been delivering lectures at the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi and two other academies abroad.
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Zurab Noghaideli holds meetings in Moscow

The leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia, Zurab Noghaideli, is visiting Russia. The ex-PM arrived in the Russian capital on the invitation of Gocha Dzasakhov, the President of the Assembly of Georgian People in Russia. Noghaideli will hold meetings with the Abkhazian and Ossetian diasporas in Russia and the leaders of the Assembly.

Zurab Noghaideli has not given details of the schedule of his meetings in Moscow, however it has been reported that Noghaideli will introduce his political vision to the Georgian diaspora in Russia.
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Sokhumi Theatre actors apply to diplomats for help

Sokhumi Theatre actors intend to apply to the diplomatic corps for help, said Director of the theatre Dimitri Jaian at a briefing today.

Jaian said that the Ministry of Culture and MP Gia Roinishvili had several times demanded that he resign. “We have discussed the issue at the theatre and decided to apply to the diplomatic corps and go to any country except Russia to claim asylum if there are any further problems,” Dimitri Jaian stated.

Jaian also talked about the history of the Sokhumi Theatre in the 20 years since the fall of Sokhumi and the problems it has suffered in Tbilisi. He also expressed his concern about the dismissal of Zaza Azmaifarashvili from Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theatre.

Theatre director Keti Dolidze told Interpressnews that Zaza Azmaifarashvili had been dismissed simply because he took part in a concert organised by the Iavnana fund. “It is the most outrageous thing to happen in the theatre in recent years,” Keti Dolidze claimed.

Val Kilmer arrives in Georgia for Renny Harlin’s film

Yet another star has arrived in Georgia from Hollywood. Val Kilmer will play the role of a foreign journalist in Renny Harlin’s movie about Georgia, which portrays the events of the August war 2008. It has not been reported in which hotel the Hollywood star is staying.

Battle scenes and the large-scale demonstration on Tbilisi’s central thoroughfare have already been shot by the producers. Andy Garcia plays Mikheil Saakashvili in the film.
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