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How would you assess the results of the IRI polls, which put Saakashvili and his National Movement far ahead of all the other parties?

Tuesday, October 27
“I think these polls are rigged, as falsification is nothing strange for the current regime.”
Beso, writer, 45

“If the poll has been conducted honestly, I would blame only our opposition for the results. They mean that the opposition have been unable to propose an alternative to the Saakashvili Government and are so weak that people support Misha even after all that has happened to Georgia in recent years.”
Levani, manager, 37

“I don’t trust any polls, they are always used to support one side or another. I think only elections can prove who is most popular in Georgia now.”
Keti, student, 21

“It is really very funny. It is unimaginable to me that Mikheil Saakashvili and his Movement have the highest rating at present. I do not believe these results.”
Nodar, footballer, 23

“I consider these results are true and there is a reason. People do not like Saakashvili and his Movement but on the other hand there is nobody who can remove him and that is why he is ahead of his opponents.”
Natia, student, 21

“To tell the truth I have never relied on polls, as there are always people who do not tell the truth, do not want to express their viewpoint openly or have some other problem. The main thing will be the election itself and its results.”
Gia, pensioner, 57

“I never trust such polls, because the results usually reflect what the officials want instead of the opinion of ordinary Georgians. I don’t pay any attention to what the latest poll says.”
Giga, unemployed, 36

“Somehow Saakashvili manages to stay popular, despite the mistakes he has made during his Presidency. Maybe this is the fault of the opposition, which looks quite weak compared to the ruling party.”
Dato, lawyer, 28

“I don’t have any reason not to trust the poll. IRI is an international organisation as far as I know and has no interest in promoting Saakashvili. I think the polls showed the logical reality in the country.”
Tea, accountant, 25