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Armenian and Azeri MPs meet in Moscow

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 29
On October 22 Moscow hosted MPs from Azerbaijan and Armenia. Armenian MP Vardan Khachatrian stated that the Armenian side had suggested to Azeri MPs creating a free trade zone in the northern part of Armenia. Van Ovanesian and Vardan Khachatrian himself initiated this proposal.

The Armenian MP thinks that the creation of a free economic zone will be the first step in starting to create an atmosphere of trust between the two countries and initiating a dialogue. Northern Armenia was chosen as its location because it has a mixed Azeri-Armenian population and the two communities coexist peacefully there.

Of course the decision to create a free economic zone should be first discussed and later approved by the Parliaments of both countries, but this is a first step. It was also considered at the meeting in Moscow that Armenian and Azeri MPs should jointly visit Nagorno Karabakh.