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Do you think the police will interfere in the conduct of the local elections?

Thursday, October 29
“Well this would not be news, as every time elections are held in Georgia the police play a very important role in them. Definitely they will interfere, because elections never end with peace and happiness, they are always followed by protest actions, quarrels and physical assaults. So the police will have an important role in them.”
Nanuka, student, 23

“They are supposed to interfere only when necessary and only when a situation is out of control, but without using bullets and those kinds of things. This would only strain the situation and put people’s lives in danger. I ask the Government as well as the law enforcement bodies not to use force against their people.”
Manana, pensioner, 69

“Of course not! Whenever they have interfered it has ended with disastrous results. Remember the November 7 events in our capital, and how many people were damaged then.”
Kakha, taxi driver, 38

“If their interference in needed why not? Their duty is to neutralise situations and make peace. I believe that their interference will be positive.”
Nodar, archeologist, 34

“I do not think the police should interfere in the conduct of the local elections. If we want to live in a democratic and developed country, each citizen should ensure that peaceful elections are held.”
Tamar, teacher, 45

“I consider at the present moment that their interference will be needed, as the situation within the country is quite strained and people are irritated due to the many economic and social problems. Their interference would be some kind of measure to prevent disputes or confrontations.”
Levan, lawyer, 26

“I don’t know, it is impossible to predict what will happen. I don’t think there have been any elections held in Georgia without the interference of the police so far.”
Inga, librarian, 60

“Of course. I think Saakashvili will try to rig the local elections also, and this rigging will not happen without the help of the police I guess.”
Tamta, economist, 25

“We should avoid accusing anyone in advance. It is not ethical to say beforehand what the police will be doing during the elections.”
Lasha, student, 20