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Monday, November 2
Heavy rain inflicts serious damage on Kakheti region

Heavy rains have inflicted serious damage on almost all districts of Kakheti. A river has flooded agricultural land belonging to sixty local families in the village of Pshaveli, Telavi district. The flood has completely destroyed the winter food supplies of the locals.

Five villages have been damaged in Kvareli district. The bursting Duruji and Shoreokhevi Rivers in the Kvareli district have encroached into the drinking water reserves. High voltage electricity transmission lines have been damaged.

The Kabali and Ilto rivers have also risen in their beds. The Kabali has divided the village of Uzuntalal into two parts. Land and yards belonging to the locals have been flooded. One house has been completely destroyed. The bridge connecting the villages of Kabali and Baisubani has also been destroyed.

The situation is similar in Akhmeta district as well. The flood has destroyed part of the road to Tianeti district. The village of Shakhvetili has been isolated. Three families have been flooded in the village of Alvani.
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Opposition parties to present account of Saakashvili’s Government

On the initiative of The Way of Georgia, opposition parties will gather at the Radisson Hotel on 7 November and present an account of President Saakashvili’s 6-year Government.

Salome Zourabichvili, the Leader of The Way of Georgia, has held consultations with all political parties and proposed that they prepare an account of the mistakes and crimes of the Government, a party spokesman told Interpressnews. The account will cover different issues, including the media, conflicts, security, prisoners and international relations. “Each party will present its own account and speak about the main institution it feels has been damaged by the Government,” the spokesman said.

Representatives of NGOs and diplomats are also invited to the meeting. A protest commemorating 7 November, 2007 will be organised by NGOs after the meeting. Political parties will also take part in this protest.

The Freedom Party has not yet decided whether to take part in the meeting. Sandro Bregadze, representative of the party, told Interpressnews that it had been informed about the meeting but has not yet decided whether to take part. He didn’t exclude that the party may discuss the issue and make a decision in the nearest days.

Judgement given on trial of three Georgian citizens accused of taking part in plot

The European Court has made a judgement on the unfair trial of three men accused of taking part in a plot to overthrow the incumbent authorities in 1999. The court has declared Georgia guilty of violating Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Under Article 41 (just satisfaction) of the Convention, the Court awarded 2,000 euros (EUR) in respect of non-pecuniary damages to each of the applicants with regard to whom a violation was found to have occurred.

Relying in particular on Article 6 Clause 1, Mr Panjikidze, Mr Kurashvili and Mr Kantaria alleged that the criminal proceedings against them had been unfair. Their main complaint was that the Criminal Bench of the Supreme Court which had tried them at first instance had not been a tribunal established by law, since it included two lay judges who were not legally competent to exercise the functions of a judge. This application was lodged with the European Court of Human Rights on 24 July 2002.
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Family members search for missing young man, 24, in Kaspi town

Family members have been searching for Temur Psuturi, 24, for five days. This young man, from the town of Kaspi, went on a picnic with his co-workers in the forest in the vicinity of the town several days ago. He has not been seen since.

The young man’s friends assert that they left the missing man outside his own house that evening, but family members are suspicious of the friends’ version and accuse them of hiding the truth.

Temur Psuturi`s jacket was found at the Mtkvari River two days ago, something which strengthens the family members’ suspicions. They are demanding that the persons accompanying Temur Psuturi on the day he went missing be considered as suspects and that a thorough investigation of the case be launched.
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Case of viral meningitis registered in Batumi

Five year-old Demetre Lortkipanidze was hospitalised with a light form of viral meningitis in Batumi yesterday. Doctors say that the patient’s condition is stable and the child is safe now.

Disinfection has been carried out in the kindergarten the boy attends. His classroom has been isolated and the parents of other children have been provided with medication. Experts and the kindergarten administration rule out grounds for panic.
(Rustavi 2)