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Do you think that since the OSCE left Georgia there have been more border incidents?

Monday, November 2
“I think OSCE leaving was a bad thing for border security in Georgia, as OSCE helped Georgian border structures to be more effective and monitored border-related issues. It's definitely a setback.”
Christie, journalist, 26

“There are a lot of border incidents lately. I hear every day on TV that someone has been kidnapped in Abkhazia or South Ossetia. I don’t know if this is connected with the lack of an OSCE mission in the conflict zones, maybe it is.”
Gizo, unemployed, 57

“I don’t think the OSCE mission had such a big influence on the situation in the conflict zones. The war started when OSCE monitors were in Georgia. I don’t think international monitors can prevent incidents, they can just report what happened.”
Nika, lawyer, 30

“Definitely we have more incidents now. So many Georgians have been kidnapped at the borders with separatist Abkhazia and South Ossetia lately. I think the Government should find a way to prevent these incidents. The situation is getting too bad.”
Irakli, engineer, 35

“The OSCE being there doesn’t affect the number of incidents. You can remember August 2008, before the start of the war, when there were numerous incidents kidnappings, explosions and gunfights and the OSCE was unable to stop it, so why would anyone think they will stop it now?”
Robert, student, 23

“Since the OSCE left Ossetians and Russians are doing what they like, fearing no one. There is no doubt that some kind of international monitoring team should operate in South Ossetia.”
Levani, musician, 35

“Of course, it is very noticeable. There are a lot of border incidents recently. I think the OSCE mission was a preventive against Russian actions.”
Maia, student, 20

“Certainly we have a worse situation at the borders nowadays now the OSCE has left Georgia. We have a lot of incidents of Georgians being kidnapped. The situation is very disturbing. The Government should do everything it can to protect its population.”
Nika, artist, 26