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How can Georgia’s participation in NATO operations in Afghanistan help establish peace and stability in Georgia?

Tuesday, November 3
“The troops trained by the US instructors will obtain precious experience during the operations abroad, and no doubt that will be very useful when they are back home.”
Roin, businessman, 33

“By participating in these kinds of operations the Georgian Army raises its military level and gets closer to NATO standards. Maybe this process is not going as fast as it would like it to, but I think this will make it easier for Georgia to join the alliance.”
Jemal, lawyer, 43

“It does not; by sending troops to Afghanistan we are just making our Army weaker and messing with another country’s business. We will get nothing but new enemies from this operation.”
Rati, student, 23

“When Georgia takes part in NATO operations in Afghanistan, it will be a sign that our country is ready to fight for international peace and is worthy of being part of NATO, which, on its side, is the guarantee of stability in Georgia.”
Gia, analyst, 34

“I am very proud that Georgia is taking part in NATO operations. This is a very important step for us in helping us join NATO in the nearest future. On the other hand participation in such operations will develop our armed forces. “
Lia, economist, 43

“I do not think that it will impose peace and stability in Georgia. Each country and organisation is trying to fulfill its aims and plans through foreigners. There will be peace in the country when we start to sort out our own problems without other countries’ assistance.”
Nodar, archaeologist, 55

“It is logical- if you help me I will help you. If we assist NATO with our troops, they will help us cope with Russia. I think so.”
Guja, driver, 55

“I don’t think they are directly linked, but Georgia’s participation in international events helps us become more integrated with the Western world.”
Tazo, unemployed, 30

“I don’t think Georgia’s participation in NATO operations is a guarantee for peace and stability here. When we have an aggressive neighbour like Russia, nothing can guarantee peace and stability here.”
Nata, insurance agent, 29