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How would you assess the possible return to Parliament of others such as Konstantine Gamsakhurdia who have previously refused to enter it?

Wednesday, November 4
“This reveals these peoples' character I think. It is not a wise move, I still cannot understand what was the purpose of not entering or why are they returning now. It is a strange decision, which I do not appreciate.”
Tamta, student, 23

“I assess it very negatively because it is not the way for a real politician to behave, one day saying one thing and another doing quite a different thing. Gamsakhurdia is not a stable character and I think not even he knows what he ultimately wants.”
Meri, teacher, 41

“It would be better for him to enter Parliament on the first day and not refuse to take his seat, however better late than never, I liked his decision. Rallying in the streets and shouting will not achieve anything. Which part of the opposition has done more for Georgians since the last elections, the non-Parliamentary or Parliamentary? The radicals have not done anything except attack the Government; on the other hand the Christian Democrats, who accepted their mandates, have been very active in political life.”
Sandro, student, 21

“It was another trick by the Government to create a Parliamentary Commission to study Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s death. They offered Konstantine the chance to enter Parliament and chair this Commission. We should admit that it was quite a good way for Gamsakhurdia to retake his seat, however I do not like the fact that Koko agreed, because if you are a real opposition member and stand next to your allies you should not change your position. That’s my opinion.”
Nana, hairdresser, 43

“I don’t see any reason why any opposition member should enter the Parliament. We have some representatives of the opposition there already, but they are doing nothing but praise Saakashvili’s decisions.”
Soso, engineer, 59

“It was a wise decision by Gamsakhurdia. What would he do outside Parliament? Speak at the rallies and demonstrations? Now he will try to shed light on his father’s death and participate in the decision making process of Parliament. I think this is a very positive thing, and I would suggest to other opposition members that they follow Gamsakhurdia’s example.”
Nino, housewife, 40

“Whether in Parliament or not our opposition are not capable of making changes in the country. Everyone has their own way, everyone makes decisions individually. If others also want to join Gamsakhurdia, I don’t see a tragedy in this.”
Dato, architect, 36