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Complied by Liana Bezhanishvili
Thursday, November 5
Tsiskarishvili: Kakhetians should be grateful to the Government

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Leader of the Parliamentary Majority Petre Tsiskarishvili has stated at a Parliament session that the loss suffered in Kakheti in the recent floods would have been five times greater if the Government had not taken appropriate action to counter possible natural disasters during the preceding months. He said that the situation in Kakheti is serious but for some reason the media has not highlighted that the work undertaken by the Government has reduced the damage done.

“If this work had not been done during the year the loss would have been five times greater. I do not know why the media did not highlight this but it is a fact,” stated Tsiskarishvili, naming some villages which had been preserved from the effects of the inundation by the Government’s work, which he said should be acknowledged.

Koba Davitashvili wants to be Tbilisi Mayor

Akhali Taoba writes that Leader of the People’s Party Koba Davitashvili has decided to take part in the proposed primary elections intended to decide who will be the common opposition candidate in the Mayoral elections. He has stated that he hopes to win the mayorality despite the falseness and violence which the Government inflicts on the people at election time.

“The opposition will certainly win the Presidential, Parliamentary and local government elections. Who the opposition candidate for mayor will be is not a problem. The candidates will entrust the choice to those who vote in the primaries. We will display the duly selected joint candidate in all the electoral regions and will stand for election with a united list,” stated Davitashvili, adding that although Irakli Alasania has already declared himself a candidate for Tbilisi Mayor this does not mean that he will not take part in the primaries.

There will not be political but civil protest actions on 7 November

Akhali Taoba reports that on Saturday 7 November the NGO sector will organise the protest action in front of Parliament. Almost all the opposition parties have agreed to take part in the action in which NGOs, political parties and the general public will commemorate the Government crackdown on demonstrators of 7 November 2007, a date which will be remembered with shame in Georgia’s history.

“We are participating in holding this protest together with public organisations. We agreed that it would not be a political but a civil protest action. The Government acted against the people on 7 November 2007, which is why we decided that it would be symbolic for the demonstration to be led by the non-governmental sector and society. We will certainly take part in it though. It will be a one day action, beginning at 3 o’clock, which will finish in the evening. Burjanadze’s, Okruashvili’s and Davitashvili’s parties and the National Forum are also taking part,” explained Leader of the Conservative Party Zviad Dzidziguri.

Asked if this therefore meant that the Conservatives would take part in the Tbilisi local elections too, Dzidziguri said: “You know our future plans. We intend to hold primaries to select a joint opposition candidate for Mayor. We have appealed to the opposition to unite for this reason.

“Elections, protests and court procedures are all part of the political arsenal of the opposition parties. We think that all opposition parties must act together in order to weaken the Government. That is why we have decided to take part in the local elections” Dzidziguri said.