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Do you think it is appropriate for senior public officials in Georgia to have Russian citizenship?

Thursday, November 5
“I welcome Vashadze’s decision. None of our Government members need our enemy country’s passports!”
Tika, student, 19

“This should not be common practice, but there can be exceptions in everything. I don’t think it would be appropriate to adopt a law prohibiting Russian citizens from taking important posts in the Government or any other institution.”
Natia, lawyer, 24

“I think it would be a bit strange to have Russian citizens in the Government after all that happened in August. I think Vashadze has made the right decision by sending his Russian passport back to Russia.”
Levan, student, 21

“If they are devoted to Georgia’s interests then I don’t see any problem with them having Russian or any other citizenship. We should not make a big issue out of something that is not so important. Vashadze’s Russian citizenship was just a formality and nothing more in my opinion.”
Vazha, engineer, 50

“No, I don't agree with this, because the political situation is so complicated in Georgia nowadays that beig a Russian citizen may cause some serious mistrust and aggression among the people.”
Nino, senior consultant in financial affairs, 26

“I totally disagree with people having dual citizenship with Russia, especially nowadays when the situation between these two neighbouring countries has become so terrible.”
Lamara, economist, 59

“If someone is a traitor then he can have it but generally of course NO.”
Nino, interpreter, 25

“Well I don’t even understand how senior public officials can keep their Russian citizenship when the whole Georgian Government is opposed to Russian policy, especially since the August War. I am absolutely against this.”
Nodar, social worker, 41

“I have heard about Vashadze’s decision and consider it was not diplomatic. If we want to improve relations with Russia, such decisions are really negative and will reflect negatively on us.”
Eka, teacher, 29